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On April 1, the environmental tax levy, the price of all kinds of raw materials will start again!

On April 1, the environmental tax levy, the price of all kinds of raw materials will start again!

From 2016 to 2017, environmental inspectors will not be able to survive the death of plastics, papermaking, printing, mining, chemicals, steel, building materials, coatings and other manufacturing enterprises. The limit of production, closure and price rise, alone in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region alone, 167,000 small and scattered enterprises have been cleaned up, and countless enterprises have directly poured into the environmental protection air outlets.

Some say that 2018 should be better? Let me tell you that in 2018, it will be an important year for environmental inspectors.

On January 1, 2018, the newly revised law on the prevention and control of water pollution came into force. New "law on the prevention and control of water pollution, increase the water environment violation penalties, growing by the day, on the basis of successive punishment, improve the fine range, such as fines for enterprise standards or total or by" two times more than five times the discharge amount of "instead of" RMB one hundred thousand yuan and one hundred thousand yuan "and so on.

On April 1, 2018, the first phase of environmental protection tax will be introduced, and 260,000 people are expected to pay for the pollution on April 1-15.

Environmental protection tax collection standard.

At present, in addition to the Tibet autonomous region, all the provinces (regions and municipalities) have introduced specific applicable tax rates for the local tax air pollutants and water pollutants in accordance with the legal procedures.

Among them, heilongjiang, liaoning, jilin, zhejiang, anhui, fujian, jiangxi, shaanxi, gansu, qinghai, ningxia, xinjiang and other 12 provinces determine tax according to the low limit, the atmosphere, water pollution tax per pollution equivalent to 1.2 yuan and 1.4 yuan respectively.

Beijing, tianjin, hebei, Shanghai, jiangsu, henan and other provinces tax at a higher level, the air pollution tax in 4.8 per pollution equivalent to 12 yuan between, the water pollution tax between each pollution equivalent 4.8 - $14.

Beijing has a high limit on the amount of tax, and its air and water pollution levels are 12 yuan and 14 yuan respectively. In hebei and jiangsu provinces, different regions of the province have determined the differential tax, and the tax rates of Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, chongqing and yunnan provinces (districts and cities) have been gradually improved in a phased manner.

According to CAI, the dynamic tax adjustment mechanism of "the bottom line of the state and the floating of the local area" can be used to authorize provincial governments to play the role of tax adjustment according to the environmental capacity and other conditions. Environmental carrying capacity of the smaller beijing-tianjin-hebei region as an example, the Beijing in accordance with the minimum tax standards 10 times the upper limit of determine the applicable tax, the region of hebei province in accordance with the eight times to determine the minimum tax standard part of 13 counties of Beijing main pollutants in the atmosphere and water for the amount of tax.


Environmental regulation, supply nervous, part of raw materials rose sharply, increase in the price of all walks of life have been the trend of The Times, not only will be rise in price even there will be some products out of stock, to remind the broad masses of manufacturers pay attention to the reasonable stock, in order to reduce operating risk.

Refractory material concentration of several provinces, all in the range of environmental supervision focus, before collection of green taxes, enterprise of coal to gas, natural gas prices, raw material of mining resources and other factors have prompted refractories raw materials rise in price, plus the green taxes imposed on 1st April, this part also will eventually pass on the cost of above products. Combined with the production and production of the heating season and the inventory consumption of refractory raw materials, the company is aware of the problem.

The good news is that after the heating season has passed, enterprises have started to start construction, and the supply of finished products and raw materials will be alleviated.

On the one hand, the enterprise needs to pay the green taxes according to regulations, on the other hand, the development and production of green refractory products also is the key that we are going to do after, say, refractory materials, cement industry use chrome refractory cement industry is the main pollution sources, no chrome refractory can from the source to reduce the heavy metal pollution. In Europe, America, Japan and other countries, it is mandatory that enterprises eliminate the chromium refractory materials. Therefore, the green and pollution-free refractory materials will become the industry trend. The key to the production of clean steel in the steel industry and to ensure the longevity of the furnace is the use of non-polluting, functionalized refractories.


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