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The technology of glass electric melting furnace technology is of great concern.

The technology of glass electric melting furnace technology is of great concern.

With the continuous development of refractory materials technology innovation for the development and change of the glass kiln also played a crucial role, analysis from the three main driving force: maintain and improve the quality of the glass; The economic requirements of the glass kiln make the furnace run longer; The impact and impact of the pure oxygen combustion system were introduced.

These three requirements usually determine the improvement of refractory materials in the kiln. These forces have also prompted glass manufacturers to use improved refractory products and to adopt new technologies during the operation cycle for large range overhaul during maintenance and maintenance of furnaces. The development of fused zirconium corundum brick conforms to these requirements.

Development of glass electric melting furnace technology.

For many years, the molten cast AZS roof has been successfully tested for cooling and reheating to enable them to use multiple operating cycles. Now a bit of experience has been accumulated to successfully implement the cooling and reheating of the top of the electric molten alumina furnace, which reflects the stronger vitality of the economy when using two or more operating cycles. The results show that these materials have both chemical stability and mechanical stability. This was the first observation of this masonry, because there was no reference material for the electrofused alumina at the time, nor was it based on the experience of the top of the furnace.

High zirconium electrofusion (HZFC or zirconia) has been widely accepted as a refractory material in contact with glass for certain parts of some high quality glass kilns. The reasons for the use of the refractory materials are different, depending on the variety of glass. Color TV tube glass screen for HZFC erosion is serious, but it still is used in the melting pool at the end of the discharge hole to lay bricks and pool wall brick, because it can greatly reduce the glass defects, such as knot, bubbles and stones. The corrosion resistance of fused zirconia refractory is not better than that of melting AZS, but it is usually sufficient to maintain a whole furnace cycle. In this way, HZFC can greatly improve the quality of glass without reducing the life of the furnace.

The effect of electrofusion brick on glass kiln.

For glass kiln, use fixed number of year to meet the design or not contaminated, reached for the glass solution on fused brick appearance quality and internal quality comprehensive understanding, understanding the performance of the fused brick, the weak spot of fused brick: which parts can be flawed and which parts must be perfect.

1. Appearance quality.

Glass kiln wall part of the corner brick kiln, brick, bubbling, discharge hole brick is 41 #. And assembly gap to be strict with adjacent brick, aperture assembly to speed up the glass solution of brick material flush, assembly gap requires not more than 0.5 mm advisable, brick materials are not allowed to exist at the bottom of the shrinkage cavity, more than 2 mm ¢surface porosity per cubic meter does not allow more than a dozen, brick color white, yellow, bubbling, liquid flow hole brick cracks are not allowed to exist, the wall parts are defective within 300 mm of the top place does not allow. These requirements are critical, and failure to do so will affect the life of the brick.

2. Inner quality.

1. Distinguish the internal impurities from the brick color, or check whether the carbon content is large and the color of the large brick is green. This brick is strictly prohibited, and the service life of the furnace will be doubled.

2. There is a large amount of blue on the surface of the brick, and there is a great possibility that there is iron in the interior, which is derived from the flaking of the iron in the process of production, and other factors. This imaginary brick is also to be put out of use.

3. The glass phase ratio must be strictly controlled, the glass phase superstandard condition, the glass phase in the high temperature will reduce the service life of the furnace, and the second pollution glass melt.


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