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The new specifications will release refractory materials or undergo transformation.

The new specifications will release refractory materials or undergo transformation.

To guide rational investment, China glass network 】 【 contain low level repeated construction, speed up structural adjustment, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the refractory industry before the ministry announcement the refractory industry standard conditions (2014) "(hereinafter referred to as the" specification ") from the production layout, technology and equipment, quality management, cleaner production, energy saving and comprehensive utilization, production safety, occupational health and social responsibility, supervision and management, and other aspects. The code has been in effect since March 1.

In recent years, with the rapid development of national economy, refractory materials have expanded rapidly. However, there are a number of problems, such as overcapacity, small enterprises, uneven technology and high accounts receivable. Industry experts said that the publication of the code helped to regulate the development of the refractory industry.

Industrial restructuring was accelerated.

According to the specification, refractory project should be comprehensive consideration, energy resources, environmental capacity and market demand, in line with the main body function area planning, industrial development planning, environmental planning, and urban and rural planning, where the project is located, accord with the standard of general land use planning and land use. Control new capacity, to encourage the implementation of the same dose or replacement, relying on existing refractory materials production enterprises, through the joint reorganization, "retreat into the garden city", to carry out technical transformation, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, production and promotion of monolithic refractories, optimize the industrial structure, improve production concentration. The world heritage site, scenic spot, ecological reserve, drinking water source protection zone and other areas requiring special protection and non-industrial construction planning zones shall not build or expand the refractory project.

"Standard" requirement, the raw material yard PeiJian walls and roof, broken (powder), crushing, screening, homogenization, conveying, molding parts easy to produce dust and finished product processing, supporting dust removal device, to prevent dust unorganized emissions. The dust containing gas is discharged after treatment. Supporting construction of smoke removal, desulfurization, denitration and other control devices of kiln furnace. The reuse rate of production process wastewater is not less than 90%, and the sewage is discharged after treatment. Adopt cleaner production technology and conduct cleaner production audit according to law. Establish an environmental management system and formulate emergency plan for environmental emergencies.

Energy saving and comprehensive utilization ways, "standard" requirement, recycling production process of broken ore, ore powder and dust and other solid waste recycling, encourage recycling after use refractory materials. In more than 5000 tons of standard coal consumption and refractory enterprises, shall, in accordance with requirements of the energy conservation administrative department of the local industry, submitted to the unit of energy utilization on a regular basis, to provide reliable data of energy consumption.

The specification stresses that the construction project of new refractory materials needs to meet the standard conditions. Existing enterprises and production lines can not meet the standard conditions, to be achieved through rectification measures.

Industrial development needs to be regulated.

In the national economy high speed development leads, the refractory industry industry scale rapid expansion in recent years, but still have excess capacity, small business line, high technical level is uneven, accounts receivable, etc. Industry experts said that "refractory industry needs a shuffle".

Zhejiang changxing refractory material, for example, according to zhejiang some refractory company President, zhejiang changxing although do not have refractories production of raw materials, but for many years in the national economy high speed development, industry scale expand, formed has nearly 300 refractory enterprises industry base, became a place "famous brand". In yixing and other places, the situation is similar, with large number of enterprises, large scale differences, large capacity scale and fierce competition of homogenization.

Capacity expansion at the same time, the market demand is not synchronized growth, especially in cement production line construction slowed in recent years, further reducing the market demand, caused the industry overcapacity exacerbated.

Zhejiang changxing a refractory material co., LTD., according to the current local castable basic maintain at 40% capacity utilization, firebrick although the situation is good, but the overall capacity utilization is only 60% ~ 70%.

The impact of overcapacity on the local refractory industry is undoubtedly huge. On the one hand, the vicious competition in the industry is intensified and the accounts receivable are high. On the other hand, excess capacity also leads to waste of enterprise resources, lower production and operation efficiency, lower profit margin, and difficulties in industry upgrading.

Business people say, "low entry barriers, small capacity volume is huge, is caused by unreasonable industry structure, overcapacity serious important reason, also is the current changxing, yixing, development problem of the refractory industry, refractory industry in the future to realize the transformation and upgrading, industry threshold setting, enterprise credit for solving the problems of the establishment, backward production capacity out is the premise."

Demand fell to 24 million tons.

Xu dianli, vice President of the China refractory industry association, predicts that the demand for refractory materials will fall to about 24 million tons in the future. His analysis, pointed out that in the refractory industry development trend since 2000, the refractory industry industry has experienced a rapid development stage, refractories industry to achieve the production and marketing of flourish, benefit growth. The domestic high temperature industry is basically self-supporting, and the export volume is increasing. It has become the world's largest producer and consumer of refractories.

Next, refractory and main production growth will slow further downstream industry, the demand of domestic refractories is on the decline, industry development will focus on the adjustment of industrial structure, integrating research and development resources, strengthen innovation ability, promote the joint reorganization, improve industrial concentration and the overall competition ability.

Demand of refractory showed a trend of decline, he said, the main factors can be summed up in: one is the downstream industry products will gradually enter the peak production platform area, industries such as steel, cement, glass product demand in our country after 2000 years of rapid growth, will gradually enter the peak platform area, product growth will slow further, run fluctuation in peak platform area, will not present the ups and downs, product yield and the demand of refractory material will be relatively stable.

Second, productivity growth will slow further downstream industry, refractory materials are the main reasons why the main downstream industry are serious overcapacity industry, investment in fixed assets, especially the rapid decline in new project will, therefore, demand of infrastructure with refractory material will gradually decline.

Thirdly, the consumption of refractories will gradually decrease. With the development of the variety of refractories and the steady improvement of quality, the consumption of refractory materials will gradually decrease. At present, the steel industry after the overall contracting of refractory material and refractory consumption down to 15 kg/t, the new dry process cement kiln with refractory consumption down to 0.5 kg/t clinker, float glass furnace life basic reached eight years.

Under the comprehensive analysis, xu predicts that the demand for refractory materials will fall to about 24 million tons in the next two to three years. If the export volume remains at 2 million tons, the annual production volume will remain at about 26 million tons.


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